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About me

35 years old French-Lebanese doctor and entrepreneur, I was born in the north of Lebanon in a small village near Tripoli. I arrived in France after a Lebanese baccalaureate in 2004 at the age of 17, with no money, only a suitcase and a lot of ambition.

My childhood was marked by the restricted access to healthcare, by the distinction between the rich who were able to be treated properly and the poor who found themselves in extremely complicated situations.

"For me, health is priceless and requires access to information, education, equality and sharing."

So I've always wanted to change that, I'm determined to do so and this maxim accompanies me in every project I undertake.

In the Press

One would never have thought that all these achievements, awards, diplomas and a company with a bright future would come from a young man of only 35 years.

With his futuristic vision for the well-being of mankind, ambition, determination, courage, strategic approach, he was able to detect the flaws in the management of the health system and was able to transform an idea into a reality.

“It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction” (A. Einstein). This expression represents Adnan, who is stronger and more determined with each challenge, who dares to swim against the current, and who will lead his projects to worldwide recognition.

dr. Reine el Omar phd.
Researcher & Assistant Professor at Lorraine University - Nancy France