About me

A 34 year old French-Lebanese entrepreneurial doctor, I was born in the north of Lebanon in a small village near Tripoli. I arrived in France after a Lebanese baccalaureate in 2004 at the age of 17, with no money, only a suitcase and ambitions.

My childhood was marked by the restricted access to health care during my childhood, by the distinction between the rich who were able to take care of themselves properly and the poor who found themselves in extremely complicated situations.

" For me, health is priceless and requires access to information and education. "

So I've always wanted to change that, I'm determined to do so and this maxim accompanies me in every project I undertake.

In the Media

I met Adnan in 2017 at the beginning of PassCare adventure. Adnan told me about his personal life story. Passionately, he explained me his project to help human beings by putting at their disposal their personal medical information thanks to a digital health passport, which will also allow to help medical research and predict cancers. I introduced him to our Association, and help him by promoted his project. We kept in touch together exchanging support and ideas, sharing our experiences. Creating a company from ground zero is always a big challenge and we were pleased to motivate Adnan to go ahead.

Adnan is very well educated person with huge knowledges. He is open minded to everyone, right in its decision and he is a positive guy with a vision that everything is possible in your life. He has a good capacity of convincing people that PassCare concept is powerful. That’s why he is now very successful.

He has built a powerful team in order to develop the international market with PassCare. He has been very successful with different partners and the future of Passcare will be international. The French health system is slow to take decision and very political.

I follow Adnan and he was too far in advance with his PassCare passport. Despite the Covid-19 crisis, he created one of the most attractive company with a great future for the humanity. His passion is shared by many partners supporting Adnan point of view.

I trust Adnan since the beginning and so far, his results are confirming the quality of his project.I strongly recommend Adnan and am open to share my point of view to whom it may concern.


Jean-Michel LIMOGES
Président de Roissy entreprise et - CEO of Nash Tec Company