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New 2022: Medical Collaboration with Artificial Intelligence

My work unveiled and published around the world

Move the medicine towards the 5Ps: Prevention, Prediction, Participation, Precision, Proof.

This book introduces a worldwide revolutionary concept, patented, invented and directed by Dr. Adnan El Bakri, a physician, entrepreneur, surgeon, scientist, researcher in Artificial Intelligence and digital health expert. After 18 years of study and hard work, he is now the 35 years old Founder and CEO of ReLyfe Group, officially supported by the Ministry of Innovation and Research.

Multi-awarded with 13 official distinctions, his work has been recognized by the Academy of Surgery and worldwide. He launched the first Virtual Printer, thought to reduce carbon footprint, that easily and instantly connects and structures medical information exchanges between health professionals and patients in a universal and secure way, regardless of the software or device used.

Pioneer of e-health, Dr. Adnan El Bakri succeeded in transforming his invention into a company and then into a marketed product, in one of the most complex fields and context. His project is now being developed in Europe, Africa, Canada, USA and Middle East.

His ultimate goal: Have the most positive impact and change the world.